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Nov. 18th, 2014

Nano 2014

I haven't posed here in what seems like forever!

I wish I was writing more.
I know the solution... start writing.
It's the same solution I know works for exercise. Start exercising and you will want to keep exercising.

Starting another Nano was my excuse to stop exercising when November 1st came around, so I'm happy to say I stopped writing and am at least ecercising. And eating better.

Now to write. And bring back the Karma Tontine for 2015...

May. 30th, 2013

UNO... DOS...

Here's a variation of UNO that I invented just for Maxicon and playtested there to great success!

It is called "DOS"

Players: 6 or more  (doesnt work with less)
Split into two teams by counting off aroud the circle. First player says "Uno". Second says "Dos. Then "Uno", then "Dos" until you have two teams whose members alternate aroud the circle. Team Uno, and Team Dos. Team Uno players must sit, while Team Dos players must kneel. Trust me -- it will help! Team Uno will play a normal game of UNO. Team Dos will play the opposite of Uno. That is to say, when playing a card, they must NOT match the color and NOT match the number (or word) on the previously played card (the card on the discard stack).

Play this slowly at first, alternating players. After turning over the first card, the first player (playing UNO) matches the top card either by color or number. The second player (DOS) must NOT match the color and NOT match the number. If a player cannot play, they must draw until they can play as per normal rules.

A REVERSE reverses play. A SKIP skips the next player (who is on the other team). A WILD DRAW 4 forces the next player (who is on the other team) to draw 4.

When a player runs out of cards, he sits back from the playing field. Once the last member of a team goes out, that team wins! However, you can "bring" a member of the other team back in the game by playing a "DRAW 2" or "WILD DRAW 4" because it affects the next person in the circle.

That was DOS.1 Once you get the hang of it. Move to the next version, DOS.2

In DOS.2, each team plays on the same discard (like above) but each team is not playing separately from the other team. In other words, when you flip the top card to start the game, either of the next two players can start playing. Once a player on a team plays, the NEXT player on that team can then play. The play does not alternate between teams necessarily. Team Uno might play twice as fast as Dos. HOWEVER, they both are playing on the same discard stack. This means that the card you are trying to match might change several times as you are trying to play. In fact, if you dont have a card to play, you can draw until you do, but you might also just wait (or draw slowly) because the top card will change as fast as the other team plays.

In DOS.2, the SKIP and WILD cards affect the next player (who is on the other team) like above, but a REVERSE card only affects YOUR team! Do realize however, that the next player in a WILD DRAW 4 or a SKIP might NOT be the next player to play even though they ARE the next person sitting aroud the circle from you. You will need to yell loudly at them "Draw 2" or "I skipped you!". This makes it confusing for the next player who has to be on his toes. And who must remember to be "skipped" once it's his turn. More chaos is always better!

Finally, are you ready for DOS.3 ?

In DOS.3, each  WILD card makes you change teams. Yes. When you play a WILD, yell "Switch" and if you are kneeling (Team Dos), sit down and become a Team Uno player. The next player must now switch the team HE is on. However it does get crazy when all of a sudden two players from the same team are sitting next to each other (both end up kneeling or both sitting). In this case, when you make them DRAW, it might bring your OWN teammember back into the game!

If you want, you can have a WILD DRAW 4 make both teams swap. All kneelers sit and all sitters kneel!

It's as simple as that. Yelling. Pretty colors. Numbers. Chaos.

May. 17th, 2013


I don't post to LiveJournal much, but when I do...

Hello, it's almost Maxicon time and that means I go into host mode.
A friend of mine who has only known me for a couple weeks told me yesterday that if he summed me up in a word it's "host".
So so weird. That is exactly the ONE word I have always used to describe myself.
It used to be "gamer"... and then it was "father"... and at some point "lover"... but more recently, it has been "host".
Now that I think of it, I first used that term in a session. Funny how they bring out the kernel of truth in you, those therapists.
So come see me at my best.
No, not in therapy.
At Maxicon!

Oct. 25th, 2011

a "turning 40" poem

I wrote a poem for a friend who turned 40 today...

Just change that number from a base-Ten to base-Five, my son.
Instead of over 40, now you're not quite twenty-one!
If that's a stretch, then twenty-four or twenty-eight, my friend.
Or simply use base-Forty and declare you're turning 10!

Jan. 20th, 2011

Any more Karma Tontine players?

I know there are a few more of you out there! And I can honestly feel the increased karma this year. So come get some!!!

Jan. 10th, 2011

The 2011 Karma Tontine Begins!

It's time to put it down in writing. What are your goals for 2011? What do you need help with? What have you been putting off? Can I help you? Can we all help you?

Please state your BIG and SMALL goals here.

Become a Project Manager

I suck at that. I really do. But the tools to become better at time, project, deadline, communication management are no secret. They dont cost money and they havent changed in decades. They are right there in every book about managing one's life and tasks. They are effortlessly employed by successful people. Even dingbats know how to make their dingbaty projects move forward, so why not me? 7 Habits of Highly Effective People? How do I not have these down yet? I cant even think of one off the top of my head... though I think making a to-do list and doing it must be one of them).
I have projects and I need to start managing!


I write a lot. But I am afeared of re-writing. I need to get un-afeared.

Fitness, game design, decluttering, reading, cooking... I'm gonna work on all those too.

Jan. 5th, 2011

Karma bump

Are you all thinking about goals? Good. I sense you all need a few more days. Here they are. Get ready, though.

Dec. 30th, 2010

2011 Karma Tontine begins

So why did I name this thing a "Karma Tontine"?

A tontine is an illegal agreement in which multiple people put money (or something valuable) into a "pot", and the last one alive in the group is the one who gets to claim the money.

But in our case it's not money, it's karma. And it's not "being alive", it's helping each other achieve their goals. So to redefine the Karma Tontine in those terms, we are basically all trying to help each other out throughout the year and if we keep actively doing that, the karma "pot" can be reaped at the end of the year.

Esssentially it's a self-fulfilling scenario. If you do good, good will be done back to you.

The pot keeps getting fuller as people help each other and -- magically -- your goals get achieved because others are helping you in return. You dont even have to wait until the year is over to claim the pot... it's an ongoing process!

Oh, would that it were that easy.

I know I fell off the wagon during the year. I dont think I did much to help anyone apart from post to LiveJournal occasionally. OMG who am I kidding... there's little chance anyone is still reading this post by this point unless you are one of the hard-core. The dedicated.


So let's try making 2011 a year of filling the pot.

And you never know what fills that pot. Sometimes it's something as simple as setting your OWN goal and showing how dedicated YOU are to meeting it in the coming year. And then DOING just that by showing (and sharing proof of) your real progress as the weeks go by.

When Ian mentioned his 100-pushup goal, it got me off my ass! I started trying to beat him by working out on my own in secret! It worked!

So wont you all join me once again in my Karma Tontine? The non-money, non-deadly tontine craze that's sweeping the nation?

Take a week to think of your goals. One BIG and as many SMALL ones as you want (I think having lots of smalls helps your fellow tontiners), but please indicate the main SMALL one so we can focus our energies if we need.

Report back here next week.

Dec. 3rd, 2010

Karma Tontine - Final Month

You may report in.
Hey would anyone care if I converted this to a Facebook group?
Mark Zuckerberg wants to join in the fun.

And honestly, there's more traffic over there...

My report:

Find you...
I did not exactly feel that warm snuggly sensation of connecting with you all. That is my fault. I didnt check in very often and I didn't post at all. And honestly I didn't help anyone with their goals much. So if I didn't get much Karma, that's the bitter truth of why. But I still feel like you're all out there.

Find me...
I'm pretty content right now. I found me in the stage. Twice now! And in my writings. Even though I only completed half a novel. I learned Shiatsu and am pretty good at it. I have more or less cemented my niche at work and know that I have this job for as long as I care to keep it, as unfulfilling as it may be creatively (really that's my problem... I could transfer to a more creative dept if I made the effort). And I found a couple wonderful things to do with my body... Running and P90X. I am poised to share p90x with all my FB friends, and I always share my love of running. I've shared my love of gourmet coffee and gourmet truck food. I've given hugs at work and at the theater, and I've remained a rock for most everyone else I know who is in an emotional state. I feel pretty good actually. Looking forward to 2011!

Oct. 11th, 2010

2010 Karma Tontine Fall Check-In

Hello fellow Karma Tontiners.

Is it fall already?

It's time for a check-in. I know I dont keep this site up very regularly at all. What can I say? Blame facebook, baby!

But I know there is a place for blogs as well as Likes and Tweets, so I am still here and you are still there.

Care foe a check-in?

I can safely say that I am here and that I am proud to know that many of you are plugging away at your goals. I recently finished my first session of P90x and it was amazing. It's what I'm hanging my hat on right now. That and the fact that I am in another play at the local theatre. A Christmas Carol! I am the "Ghost of Christmas Future"... oooh, spooky!

No intelligible line? Full body costume? All intended to elicit laughs? Sounds like Pat's in another Live Game.

But I love it and it's gonna make for an exciting holiday season.

How about the rest of you?

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